Need recognition

Definition (1):

It is the first stage of the buyer decision process, in which the consumer recognizes a problem or need.

Definition (2):

Consumers’ purchasing behavior’s first step is a need recognition or problem identification. It takes place when a consumer feels an unfulfilled need that must be met with a particular product.

The need can be triggered by internal stimuli when one of the person’s normal needs - for example, hunger or thirst-rises to a level high enough to become a drive.

A need can also be triggered by external stimuli.

For example, an advertisement or a discussion with a friend might get you thinking about buying a new car. At this stage, the marketer should research consumers to find out what kinds of needs or problems arise, what brought them about, and how they led the consumer to this particular product.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • Need recognition is a crucial concept in the buyer decision process as well as in marketing.
  • The professor is discussing need recognition and its related theories in the class.
  • The student asked some questions regarding need recognition to the professor.
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