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New task

Definition (1):

Different elements can influence consumer behavior and according to recent research, it can differ based on the buying situation. Buying situations can be mainly of three types such as the new task, modified rebuy, and straight rebuy. So, it is one of the buying situations.

Definition (2):

It means a business buying situation in which the buyer purchases a product or service for the first time. In such cases, the greater the cost or risk, the larger the number of decision participants and the greater the company’s efforts to collect information. The new task situation is the marketer’s greatest opportunity and challenge. The marketer not only tries to reach as many key buying influences as possible but also provides help and information. The buyer makes the fewest decisions in the straight rebuy and the most in the new task decision.

Definition (3):

The new task can also be referred to as an “extensive problem-solving situation.” Here the buyer has no previous experience for the products. S/he is completely new to purchase the products. So, s/he requires some extensive efforts for the purchase decision which may include a longer time, greater risk, and cost to get information about the new products.

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