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Straight rebuy

Buying situations can be of three types:

Straight rebuy can be defined in the following ways:

Definition (1):

It refers to a business buying situation in which the buyer routinely reorders something without any modifications. It is usually handled on a routine basis by the purchasing department. To keep the business, “in” suppliers try to maintain product and service quality. “Out” suppliers try to find new ways to add value or exploit dissatisfaction so that the buyer will consider them.

Definition (2):

This is- “The process that occurs when a consumer makes another purchase of the identical goods in the identical amount under the identical terms from the identical supplier.”

Definition (3):

It refers to the decision to purchase the product, brand, etc. that a consumer purchased last time, instead of considering other products or brands.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The company has earned a lot of profit through its customers’ straight rebuys of its products.
  • Consumers engaged in straight rebuys of products of a company are an exclusive target for the marketing team of that company.
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