Technical Skills

Technical Skills are the job-specific knowledge and techniques needed to proficiently perform tasks that require particular expertise. These skills tend to be more important for first-line managers because they typically manage employees who use tools and techniques to produce the organization’s products or to serve the customers.

Technical skills in an employee credit his ability to understand and use techniques, knowledge, and equipment of a specific discipline or department. These skills are usually regarding knowledge or certain abilities to use the processes, practices, techniques, or tools of a particular area of expertise. 


For example, some technically skilled professional individuals are engineers, plumbers, electricians, barbers, chefs, surgeons etc. “Technical” is often interchangeably used with “Technological” nowadays when it comes to skills and hence, computer programming, software development, data analysis, graphics designing etc. are some of the trending skills that job seekers love to list on the resumes under technical skills.

These skills can often be acquired and polished in separate or additional training facilities where passionate individuals can gain surrounding knowledge and hands-on experience that make them skilled. For instance, chefs go to culinary schools, surgeons to medical schools and software developers go for courses to learn necessary coding languages.


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • Being an expert in one particular technical skill often comes in very handy when someone goes to seek a job.
  • Employers often seek one or two particular technical skills in the employees they are willing to appoint.


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