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Unclear Performance Standards

Definition (1):

Unclear Performance Standards refer to an appraisal scale that is too open to interpretation. Instead of adding such interpretation, descriptive phrases should be included that define each trait. But in the mentioned appraisal scale, what is meant by standards like "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" is included.

Definition (2):

An appraisal scale having a descriptive interpretation of standards instead of having the meaning of those interpretations is said to have unclear performance standards.

Definition (3):

Unclear Performance Standards are one of the key reasons for many organizations missing accountability. When an organization lacks accountability, it weakens the organizational culture, and the execution of daily MAX or master the art of execution acts becomes inconsistent or optional in the eyes of some team members. Ambiguity is considered to be an enemy of accountability. A critical cultural flaw exists in an organization due to the lack or absence of clear performance standards. Many organizations perform an okay work of defining the ultimate few objectives, desired results, but they fail in developing the day-to-day performance standards, that can make possible the attainment of the ultimate few objectives.

All organizations should remove this problem of unclear performance standards. Because clear standards are likely to cause consistent and easily understood performance appraisals leading to the achievement of desired organizational objectives.

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