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Individual marketing

Individual marketing refers to tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customers- also called one-to-one marketing, customized marketing, and markets-of-one marketing.

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  • Paid search
    Paid search— marketers bid on search terms, when a consumer searches for those words using Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, the marketer’s ad will appear on ...
  • Value-added pricing
    Attaching value-added features and services to differentiate a company’s offers and charging higher prices is refers to Value-added pricing.
  • Expected product
    Expected product is a set of attributes and conditions buyers normally expect when they purchase this product.
  • Dissonance-reducing buying behavior
    Occurs when consumers are highly involved with an expensive, infrequent, or risky purchase but see little difference among brands.
  • The buying process
    The buying process starts when the buyer recognizes a problem or need triggered by internal or external stimuli. With an internal stimulus, one of the ...
  • Ethics
    Ethics refers to “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group; specifically, the standards you use to decide what your conduct should be."
  • Competitor-centered company
    A competitor centered company is one that spends most of its time tracking competitors’ moves and market shares and trying to find strategies to counter them.