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  • Information publishing
    Information publishing is the marketing communication with the goal of disseminating persuasive information to create awareness, knowledge and positive attitudes.
  • Strategic e-marketing
    Strategic e-marketing is the design of marketing strategy that capitalizes on the organization’s electronic or information technology capabilities to reach specified objectives.
  • Installation
    Installation refers to the work done to make a product operational in its planned location. Ease of installation is a true selling point for buyers of complex ...
  • Respondent authenticity
    Respondent authenticity is a disadvantage of online research in which it is difficult to determine that respondents are who they say they are.
  • Institutional markets
    The institutional market consists of schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other institutions that provide goods and services to people in their care.
  • Integrated logistics management
    Integrated logistics management refers to the logistic concept that emphasizes teamwork- both inside the company and all the marketing channel organizations...
  • Volume discount
    Volume discount is the price discount offered advertisers who purchase a certain amount of volume from the medium.