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Brand bonding

Definition (1):

Brand bonding takes place when customers feel the company or business is delivering on its brand promise.

Definition (2):

Brand bonding means developing a strong or powerful relationship between a brand and consumers for retaining and growing customers.

Definition (3):

Brand bonding is a new term used for brand building. The word ‘building’ means a one-way thing referring to something a brand does itself and for its sake. On the other hand, ‘bonding’ indicates a relationship involving both parties’ participation and for both parties’ good.

It doesn’t mean bondage like the attempt to tie the customers as close to the brand as possible, as the telecommunication companies do. Where customers cannot severe the ties to the brand no matter how strongly they try.

Instead, bonding means continuously giving customers a suitable reason or even better, several suitable reasons for staying with the brand from the core of their hearts and bond with that brand over time. Nothing is more important or crucial than being human. It is applicable to the brands too.

Brand bonding is a potential route for developing strong brands, and also an additional weapon for combating the threats from retailer brands. It is the linking together of a house brand (HB) or corporate name with a service or product brand (PB) name, one performing as an adjective to the other, or both performing as adjectives to one another.

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