Marketing implementation

Definition (1):

It is the process that turns marketing plans into marketing actions to accomplish strategic marketing objectives. Whereas marketing planning addresses the what and why of marketing activities, implementation addresses the who, where, when, and how.

Definition (2):

“Marketing implementation is the process of turning your marketing strategy into real-life actions: tasks and projects, people responsible for them, and deadlines.”

Definition (3):

Marketing implementation deals with the process of bringing life to the marketing plan. The marketing plan starts to live on a daily calendar instead of living on papers. Because marketing implementation translates it into action.

It mainly involves the following 6 steps:

  1. Setting exact expectations for getting things done quickly.
  2. Determining the required resources for executing the plan.
  3. Documenting a marketing strategy.
  4. Building a workflow to execute every piece of content.
  5. Having a plan to manage projects.
  6. Measuring the results.

Planning good strategies is only a start toward successful marketing. A brilliant marketing strategy counts for little if the company fails to implement it properly.

Use of the Term in Sentence:

  • Marketing implementation gives the marketing team a roadmap to get things done on time.
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