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E-Business Strategy: Understanding E-business Strategy with Practical Example

What is E-business Strategy?

E-business Strategy is the deployment of enterprise resources for capitalizing on technologies to reach specified objectives and ultimately improve performance and create sustainable competitive advantage

In other words, an e-business plan is a comprehensive plan for applying effective digitization for a firm to conduct its computerized interactions with all stakeholders - both internally via the web and globally via clients, vendors, and other collaborators.

Understanding E-business Strategy

This strategy is not limited to Internet-based organizations. Any firm that conducts business online must have an e-business strategy. It specifies all the initial and long objectives that necessitate thorough and professional preparation. 

Developing this strategy necessitates two primary approaches: 

  1. Income/Profit maximization and 
  2. Digital marketing 

E-Business strategy is like a component of the company strategy and operational program. It is linked to other plans such as sales, administrative, and IT planning processes.

Structure Building

This system contains four essential steps-

  • Proper planning
  • Design phase
  • Execution
  • Routine evaluation

Because e-business is multifunctional, it necessitates cooperation among its members and professionals from all key areas within a company. Most people confuse this with e-commerce, and they additionally confuse the issue by believing the Web is the only medium for implementing it. It's a very narrow definition of e-business.

It includes any machine activities that are intended to provide an advantage to one or even more parties. E-Business strategy is much more than just simply new technologies. Other elements, particularly larger corporate networks, can have a significantly greater impact on policy than innovation simply.

Based on all resources and understanding accessible within an organization, further input coming from external specialists and specialists may be necessary. Several companies have a distinct social unit, while others recognize that its 'e' from the word e-business is just part of every agency's responsibility.

Nevertheless, there must be a monitoring and evaluation owner or administrator, and it is vital that they also have considerable planning and operational expertise in all of those disciplines. 

Practical Example 

Establishing a Facebook page with a group is an idea of a smart social networking e-business method. This is meant to provide visitors with important facts about the brand or company. The social media site can be used to alert the following customers with the latest information or update and to communicate with competent authorities and persons.

In Sentences 

  • For an existing team or even a startup, selecting the ideal e-business strategy entails forming opinions like where revenue will flow and how to get the maximum web traffic.


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