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Individual marketing

Definition (1):

Individual marketing refers to tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of individual customers- also called one-to-one marketing, customized marketing, and markets-of-one marketing.

Definition (2):

Individual marketing is a promotional tool for separate entities.” It is also called personalized marketing. It includes-

  • flexibility in any company or organization
  • a brand’s ability to alter its pattern of behavior for an individual customer
  • making a suitable marketing policy thinking about the wants and requirements of each individual
  • taking small, tiny steps through the way for making the customer familiar with the products.

In this sort of marketing, meeting each person’s demands successfully is essential. Remarkable technological advancements have helped in the promotion of this type of marketing.

Definition (3):

Any type of communication to persons or individuals by the retailer or companies can be called individual marketing. It is sometimes customized according to an individual or specific customers. The demands are communicated to the manufacturers or suppliers directly and the customers are provided with customized services or products according to their demands.

Individual marketing’s most popular example is internet marketing. Different brands have opened numerous websites and portals for their services and products. The sites display sketchy or detailed relevant information. A purchaser viewing these sites can have a feeling that the information is for her/his convenience. This type of marketing is quite popular among shoppers who buy from different sites because it saves time and is a personalized shopping.

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